How To Not Be Hungry On A Diet

by Jackie Wicks

There is one critical adjustment one needs to make to stop being hungry on a diet. You need to shift your focus away from “bad food elimination” and towards “foods you can eat in any quantity.” This article will explain in detail how to do this and why this approach works.

If you are like most people, when you decide you want to lose weight you get in “dieting” mode in your mind. For most people, this involves eating fewer foods that you enjoy and more foods that you don’t. “Diet Foods” in your mind are likely to have less sugar, less salt and not taste good.

This process is unenjoyable, and ultimately unsustainable primarily because it leaves you hungry all the time. The single most popular complaint by people doing a “traditional” diet is that they are always hungry.

At PEERtrainer over the years we have developed a very loose concept that we have called “Diet Fusion” which has helped people start to feel less hungry. Very simply this involves combining portion control with a nutrient dense diet and figuring out the foods that give you the most energy.  Nutrient dense means a diet very high in green vegetables and some other foods that science has shown to help fight hunger.

What is interesting about this “fusion” approach is that it combines very mainstream diet ideas such as portion control (something strongly advocated by Weight Watchers) with some more advanced ideas from often hard to follow health and nutrition experts.

Over the years, this has worked really well, and will work for you. When you stick to keeping an eye on your portions, but you also get very aggressive with the foods you can eat unlimited amounts of, good things will happen.

You will feel less hungry and you will also have some “wiggle room” to really enjoy the foods that you enjoy. Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t need to be an all or nothing, zero sum game. At PEERtrainer we have recently built upon this idea of Diet Fusion, by launching something we call The Cheat System.

People had told us that they loved the Diet Fusion idea, but that they wanted some more stucture. “Tell me exactly what to do, and give me a list of foods to eat and foods to not eat so much of.” So we did exactly this, and we also made it free.

We decided to write this particular article today after getting this comment in an email that someone sent us. This person had lost 11 pounds in two months, and was describing some of the success on the Point Of No Return Program. (Where we deal with the psychological aspects of weight loss). There is never one single thing that helps people, but she did make this comment:

I have also been trying the CheatSystem, and I am finding it very helpful…. Past diet plans have left me hungry to the point of some light headedness, the constant supply of free foods, and filling my meal plates with those foods has helped. ALOT….

This is something we are seeing a lot. We do a lot of work on the mental aspect of weight loss, but we find that a lot of the time, people are simply hungry. When you eat a lot of the “free foods” you will be filled up. But you will also find that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. When you eat these foods, your body starts to feel better, which results in fewer food cravings.

The Cheat System is designed to really make it easy for you, and show you how to make this shift. However, it does ask you to make some decisions. The neat thing is that you do get some instant rewards from making these good decisions. It is like anything in life- when you work hard and make good decisions, things in your life improve.

It is the same thing with eating. If you have not yet downloaded your copy of the Cheat System, you can do so here.

Recipes To Help You Not Be Hungry

In addition to the Cheat System, we have also developed a series of recipes that show you how to eat in a way that will leave you fuller, less hungry and give you energy.

The first recipe is something we call the “5 Minute Hunger Cure” This recipe is easy to make, doesn’t cost all that much, but also includes a TON of hunger fighting nutrients. Best of all this recipe makes a bg quantity. If there is one thing we have learned it is that you want to have as much good food in your fridge as possible.

We constantly publish new articles. This link will take you to our recipe blog.

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