“I Hate To Exercise”… How Do I Make It More Enjoyable?

by Jackie Wicks

This is a common question we get:

“I am not worried about getting “Jennifer Aniston shoulders.” My difficulty is much more basic. I hate to exercise. It’s just an exertion for me to walk. (No judgements, please.) I know I *should *exercise, and I’d like to get to the place where it’s easier, and therefore more enjoyable. Any suggestions?”

First, let me tell you that I have been where you are. And so have a lot of people. Many just do it and still hate it, every day because they have a compelling reason to do so. If you are an actress and you must be in shape to get paid and get more work, you’ll just “grind it out” every day.

If it’s just an exertion to walk at this point, then start out by just breathing. Joshua talks about this in the Point of No Return Program. The most important goal for you is to start doing something. Anything. If it’s breathing right now, then that’s what you’ll do. Set aside just 5 minutes to breathe in the oxygen and breathe out. And he says if you can’t breathe, well, then you have a problem. LOL.

I want you to think about any kind of sport or movement you liked doing when you were younger or at a different time in your life. It doesn’t have to be an organized sport. Maybe you liked being in the ocean or feeling the hot sand on your feet or making a sand castle. Maybe you liked going out first thing in the snow and just breathing in the cold air and plopping down to make a snow angel. Maybe you were an “inside cat” and preferred to listen to music and feel the rhythm. Maybe you like shopping which involves quite a bit of walking in and out of stores.

I want you to jot down any forms of movement that you have enjoyed in the past and describe what it was. Was it alone? Were you with a friend or family member? And I want you to make a commitment to do this for just 5 minutes this week. Besides, if you love the experience, you’ll want to do it again and again. Find the movement that you love to do. That’s how you make exercise enjoyable.Related PEERtrainer Thread: Can I Lose Weight Just Walking?-Jackie

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