Introducing PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse 2.0

by Jackie Wicks

The PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse has been highly successful in helping people make a break with eating habits that hurt them and take away their energy. For people who need to lose weight, there have been a variety of great outcomes, which have been widely documented. For people simply looking for more energy and to feel better, there have also been great outcomes.

With the launch of The Cheat System Diet, we are launching a NEW version of the Fresh Start Cleanse. This new cleanse will build upon the success of the The Cheat System Diet. One of the big things we have learned is that people respond powerfully to having more choices, even if they decide to not make that choice!

With the introduction of Fresh Start Cleanse 2.0 we are going to be providing people with some different paths to get to the goal of increased weight loss, more energy and really cleansing the body. For people who can follow a strict plan without their brain objecting, we offer that path.

For people who want to learn the protocol, but go at a slower pace or use more food in the plan and rely a little less on shakes, we have that option for you as well.  By going at a slower pace, you don’t trigger brain chaos, and you ultimately set yourself up for more success.

How Is This Connected To The Cheat System Diet?

This program is designed to be a success accelerator, and really build upon the plan presented in the book. The new FSC 2.0 program and support group will be FREE, but having a copy of the book is a requirement. We are running this on the honor system and if you did not pick up your copy of The Cheat System Diet you can do so here.

The success we are seeing from people on the plan is so overwhelming- that we are doing everything we can to make sure people get a copy in their hands. (Btw- we don’t make a ton of money on the book at all.  It costs us more to send emails to promote the book than we make from selling the book!)

How Does The Program Work?

When you sign up using the form below (which is connected to a new email system which is delivering emails at close to 100%) you will start to get the program materials. As always, the support that we provide through our customer service team is the best out there.

How Long Does It Run?

The program is 14 days long, and when you sign up you start the pre-cleanse process.  When you enter your email below you will get access to your Fresh Start Cleanse Dashboard. You will also get access to a support team. We are using a new email system that has much better deliverability. So you need to enter your email into this form even if you are a repeat cleanser.

We are proving the CHALLENGE20 code to save 20% on the 2 different types of Fresh Start Cleanse Kits. All the kit options are here.

What Should You Expect?

This Cleanse protocol, combined with The Cheat System Diet meal plan might be the most effective combination that you will find. If you start the morning with a shake (and follow our recipe), take your detox packs, eat plenty of Cheat System Diet recipes and keep your Cheats low- very good things will happen.

How To Get Started:

Enter your email below and you are off to the races!




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