Do You Know HOW To Lose Weight But Have A Tough Time Following Through?

by Jackie Wicks

The #1 problem that we deal with at PEERtrainer is the follow through. From the moment we launched the company, we knew that most people had a great deal of knowledge in terms of diet, fitness and health. But people simply had a hard time following through.

If you are like most people, your knowledge level continues to rise. But your ability to follow through probably has not kept up at the same pace.

When you are not following through as well as you could, you tend to get frustrated. For many people, the frustration builds to a level that starts to erode long term confidence. We all grapple with this.

One thing we did many years ago was put together a program that helped you with this follow through part of the equation. We called it the Point Of No Return, because the intent of the program is to get you to a point where there is no going back to your prior level of frustration and lack of belief in yourself.

In order to get to this point you have to change how you think about some things.

This program helps you do that. Or you get every penny of your money refunded. Right now we are offering the program for half-off. You can start right now for $38.50. This page has all the details. When you click option 2, you’ll see the special price.

This program is a core part of the PEERtrainer experience. We throw a lot at you, because we know you are capable of absorbing the knowledge you need for total transformation, over time. We take a broader approach than anyone else out there, because we know that the weight puzzle is a complex one.

But it is like anything else in life- as long as you keep learning, keep making changes- you start to get your edge. If you feel like you need help with follow through, we’d strongly encourage you to dig into Point Of No Return. Right now.

We have a survey where we ask the following question after the 4th week of the program:

“As a first question, we would like to ask you why you decided to sign up for the PEERtrainer Point Of No Return Program? What’s your “compelling reason”- your “why”? Why are you ready to make a permanent change? Was there something in the way we presented our program that resonated with you?”

Here are some responses:

“I’ve been a yo-yo dieter since being a teen. I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers as a result…… Reading a recent PEERtrainer email just struck me; I hadn’t thought about the PONR program in a while & being half-price was the clincher. It just felt like the right time. I’m 58 & just need more help!”

“I’ve been trying to lose the same weight for years. I am stuck and don’t know how to use all the information I have acquired over the years.”

“This is the first program I have seen on the market that sees to focus on the “why” of weight issues. I have battled weight gain my entire life. While all other areas of my life seem to be in harmony and balance, this one alludes me. I have spend countless hours reflecting on why this might be, and yet feel like I just do not know. I lost 120 pounds a few years ago, kept it off for a while, then slowly, as they crept back, I felt powerless to stop it. I feel like I have failed. I know what I need to do, but cannot seem to do it in any consistent way. I finally realized that it’s not the “how” I should be focused on anymore, but the “why”. I’m hoping PEERtrainer can help me get to the bottom of that question.”

“I am ready because I know that I am hiding behind my weight. I am a talented and kind person, but I keep sabotaging my goals of health with food. I am ready to change.”

“I am tired of being on the weight loss merry go round. I want to make a lasting change in the way I deal with food. The idea of rating my belief that this can happen vs. my expectation really resonated with me and I am sure I don’t have my expectations and my beliefs in line yet.”

At the end of the 12 week course we ask this question:

If someone was considering this program, and wondering if it would really help them, what would you say to them? Are there people that you feel the program would not work for?

Here are some responses:

“I’d say just do it. Yes – there are a few people I know that spend more time trying to find reasons why something won’t work for them and I have actually been successful in shutting some of them out of my life thanks to this program.”

“This program is very helpful for creating new perspectives for making lasting changes. It is not a program for someone who is not willing to take the time to figure out their priorities regarding making healthy lifestyle changes. No quick fixes, no half-assing, no excuses. You do what must be done.”

“I would recommend it to anyone. I had no idea how much I would get out of it. In fact, I have been trying to recommend it to my friends but I don’t know how to explain it and they just don’t get it.”

“It would help them. I feel it would even help an addict”

“I’d encourage them to give it a go, to start low and to go slow. I’m a medical doctor and I’ve already referred PT to a few patients, who are trying it too. It has to be done at each person’s own pace or else it’s unsustainable I think.”

“I would say that PeerTrainer is a wide open resource to put together a new way of life for yourself. There are so many great things…it doesn’t provide one paint-by-numbers approach…it is very customizable and the Point of No Return modules kind of introduce all that Peer Trainer has to offer. The people it would not work for would be perfectionists with no time.”

“I would actually force them to take it 🙂 I dont think it will not work for anyone.”

“Interesting question – If someone was considering the program I would tell them to take the chance because their lives would change for the better, but I’ve been telling this to my sister who is desperate to loose weight, but she won’t take the plunge and I really don’t know why. I wonder if some people just don’t like to make changes in their life. I was ready to change, needed to change and was ready to do anything to make it happen, but my sister wants to change, but hasn’t got the courage to take the next step, or perhaps like a lot of people they have tried everything, spent their whole lives trying new diets etc, they just become wary and won’t trust anything anymore, especially when being parted with their hard earned cash. I’ve raved about your programs and your website, I’m living proof it works, in fact she hadn’t seen me for 3 months and couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost, but she won’t try it. Perhaps some people just never will.

Sign Up For Point Of No Return Half Off Offer

“I would(and have) told people that this program is a excellent program with solid science and resources to help change behavior. The only people who this program might not work for are people who are not ready to engage.”

“Not sure who it wouldn’t be for….I think the program does a good job of addressing motivation with the “small doable goal” strategy. I have encourage MANY people to do this program. I told them that you don’t have to completely give up anything…and that it addresses many things besides food (emotional eating in particular)”

“Not sure who it wouldn’t be for….I think the program does a good job of addressing motivation with the “small doable goal” strategy. I have encouraged MANY people to do this program. I told them that you don’t have to completely give up anything…and that it addresses many things besides food (emotional eating in particular)”

“I think there are lots of nuggets for different people and even if there is nothing in any of the audios that connects with a particular person, just knowing that there is more coming is key in my opinion to keep the focus and motivation going. In my opinion, a person won’t be successful at a goal if their motivation is not strong enough. Regardless of the quality of the presentation, if you are not ready to receive it, it won’t work. Just like receiving Jesus Christ in your life. He stands at the door and knocks but if you are not ready to receive him, you won’t open the door.”

“I would tell them to just try the program for one month; I really think if they commit for that period they would see a difference and want to continue. People it won’t work for are those who aren’t ready to change their lives. I think you just have to get to the point where you are fed up with the way you look and feel and decide to change it.”

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“This program has lots to offer for a person who is ready to make some changes. There is so much information it is easy to get overwhelmed so remember the information is not going away. It is possible to do each week for two weeks if it makes it possible for you to actually incorporate the information or change. If you have a food plan that is nutrient dense to bring to this coaching plan I think will add to your success.”

“ABSOLUTELY…. if a friend was in the right place and needed your support. I think in one of the first emails there were two extremely singificant points addressed: Readiness and Expectations/Desire. This program provides all the tools you need to make a lifestyle change and it is a lot of work. You must make the committment to change youe life or those aspects of your life which are roadblocks to you achieving a healthy lifestyle. If you are not committed to learning new life’s lessons and putting them to work I would not sign up for the prgram but would suggest Tips od the day and the mini emails to introduce the program to a more skeptical friend. I think this is an awesome program you have to be ready to make the change.”

“It wouldn’t work for people who are not interested in losing weight without making significant changes in how they eat. I think many if the “reduce portion size and exercise more” crowd will not like hearing that it’s their food choices, not just volume, that is thwarting their efforts.”

Sign Up For Point Of No Return Half Off Offer


Jackie Wicks, Co-founder

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