How To Be More Powerfully In Control Of Your Choices By Living Without Apology (What YOU Think Of Me Is None Of My Business)

by Jackie Wicks

Before I get into the specific steps you want to take to begin living without apology, here are three background ideas I want to point out that will first help us understand this issue more deeply.

1) Own Your Power. First and foremost, living with apology is the result of not owning your power. What do I mean here by power? It’s a few things really.

• It’s your sense and belief that you are okay just as you are, for who you are; in other words, it’s your self-worth. It’s also knowing that your self-worth originates inside and isn’t dependent on how others are responding to you.

• It’s your “knowingness” that you CAN get and create what you want in your life; and that you deserve to have those things. (This is a big issue for many people – they do not really believe that they deserve what they want).

• It’s your ability to trust your instincts and be confident in your decisions.

The Key Concept Of This Article:

Living with apology is the opposite of owning your power.

Instead, you’re giving it away; you’re leaving it out on the curb for others to pick up and cart away.

Most people are used to giving away their power like they’re Skittles on Halloween.

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