How To Be More Powerfully In Control Of Your Choices By Living Without Apology (What YOU Think Of Me Is None Of My Business)

by Jackie Wicks

So the first step to living without apology is learning how to own your power, instead of incessantly giving it away to others.

More on that shortly.

2) Whose Approval Are You Looking For Anyhow?

At the core of living with apology is needing others approval. It’s as if you’re saying “Approve of me! Please, approve of me! Like me! I don’t want you to think poorly of me.

I’ll be the person who you need and want me to be, just approve of me so I can relax and feel like I’m okay and feel that I’m going to be okay.”

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This need for the approval of others is driven by fear, so the question to ask here is, “If others don’t approve of me, what am I afraid would happen?”

Would you be ostracized?


Left alone to wither and die?

Would you be somehow not okay?

I know these things sound extreme and irrational, but it’s important to remember that most of our fears are irrational as well.

If you really dissect the fears you walk around with on a daily basis, they start to seem very absurd.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t eat up the lion’s share of energy in our lives. So really ask yourself what you’re afraid of.

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