How To Lose Weight Without Triggering Brain Chaos Using The Cheat System Diet

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Cheat System Diet Secret #5: The Nutrition Plan DESTROYS Your Cravings

The book is very new, but the #1 thing people report is that the meal plan helps them feel full and their cravings are reduced. Just google the term “Cheat System Diet Amazon Reviews” and you’ll see this for yourself.

You can also read the first 50 pages of the book for free on Amazon right here. We encourage you to read the free part of the book and download our free Cookbook BEFORE you buy it. Unlike other diet companies, we only want people to buy the book who know they can do this plan.

Here is a review from our Amazon page:

“I cannot begin to tell you how this book and this new eating plan has changed my life. I have been yo yo dieting all of my adult life and have never felt so in control of my eating until now. This book teaches you how to eat healthy while still being able to occasionally and reasonably enjoy the things you love that may not be so good for you. It’s not like most diets which promote a do or die concept. When I began to eat this way it somehow enabled me to be able to control the amount of the “bad” foods I crave and consume. I do still have a craving for my faves – chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, Auntie Anne’s pretzels – but the cravings have been reduced CONSIDERABLY and I’m able to stop after taking just a few bites….. have lost 9 pounds in the first two weeks of my new lifestyle and I don’t plan on quitting. This is doable for life. Please buy the book. It’s truly a life changer.”

In addition to the amazing customer feedback, The Cheat System Diet has been endorsed by a series of prominent medical doctors. Here is a sample. We also have some reviews that we copied from our Amazon page below:

“The Cheat System Diet is brilliant! Jackie Wicks understands how the brain works, and how habits are developed in the real world. This book clarifies why portion control is so hard, and makes it crystal clear why her “eat” foods will extinguish hunger. This breakthrough plan is realistic, loaded with practical information, and will add years of health you your life.”

Steven Masley, MD, Author of The 30-Day Heart
Tune-Up, Assistant Professor University South Florida

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