How To Lose Weight Without Triggering Brain Chaos Using The Cheat System Diet

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

“In this breakthrough book, Jackie Wicks reveals a food plan that won’t perpetuate the tiresome diet – stress – fail pattern. The Cheat System Diet gives you the template to lose weight without sending your hormones in a disastrous death spiral.”

-Sara Gottfried, MD, Graduate of Harvard Medical School and MIT, NY Times Best Selling Author of “The Hormone Cure”

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About PEERtrainer and The Cheat System Diet:

For nearly a decade, PEERtrainer — a wildly successful online “weight-loss lab” — has provided its members with the best information on how to be successful at losing weight. Now The Cheat System Diet, tested a proven by hundreds of thousands of PEERtrainer members, brings this expertise to you.

The Cheat System Diet is based on a simple list that divides foods into two categories: Cheats and Eats. Cheats are the foods we all crave (cookie, anyone?) and Eats are nutrient-dense foods. You can eat as many Eats as you like. And you start with a certain number of Cheats every day, then earn more by making especially healthy choices, like having a big salad before dinner.

With The Cheat System Diet, we have taken all the information you know about dieting and gives you a proven framework to make eating work for you. Follow our smart three-week program and simple system and you’ll find:

*Nothing is restricted — eat any food you like.

*Eats are unlimited — eat as many Eats as you want.

*Exercise is reasonable – no more spending hours every day at the gym

*No need to count calories, fat, fiber, or sugar — just focus on eating your Eats!

With three weeks of comprehensive meal plans, an easy-to-follow exercise schedule, and more than 100 delicious recipes, The Cheat System Diet will revolutionize your approach to food and shrink your waistline at the same time. This supportive, easy-to-follow program allows you to eat well and lose weight, while still enjoying your favorite guilty pleasures. Buy The Cheat System Diet On Amazon.

Get Your Free Cheat System Cookbook Right Here

-Jackie Wicks

PEERtrainer Founder, Cheat System Diet Creator

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What People Are Saying About The Cheat System Diet On Amazon:

I cannot begin to tell you how this book and this new eating plan has changed my life. I have been yo yo dieting all of my adult life and have never felt so in control of my eating until now. This book teaches you how to eat healthy while still being able to occasionally and reasonably enjoy the things you love that may not be so good for you. It’s not like most diets which promote a do or die concept. When I began to eat this way it somehow enabled me to be able to control the amount of the “bad” foods I crave and consume. I do still have a craving for my faves – chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, Auntie Anne’s pretzels – but the cravings have been reduced CONSIDERABLY and I’m able to stop after taking just a few bites. In the past I could never control my portions of these foods because they taste so good. I also love the discussion regarding exercise in this book. You really don’t have to exercise like crazy to see results. I do the simple Egoscue stretch exercises (10minutes tops) each day along with 20 minutes of dancing with weights. This is not just another diet book. In fact when people see my weight loss and ask what I’m doing I really don’t like having to tell them that it’s the Cheat System Diet because it truly is not a diet per se but a new way of life that one can stick to for a lifetime. I have lost 9 pounds in the first two weeks of my new lifestyle and I don’t plan on quitting. This is doable for life. Please buy the book. It’s truly a life changer.

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