How To Lose Weight Without Triggering Brain Chaos Using The Cheat System Diet

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet


This book has been life changing and life saving for me. It is filled with helpful and knowledgeable tips and information to help you become the person you want to be. It is for the person who lives in the real world of “family parties”, “work functions”, “lunch with the girls”, “last minute gettogethers”, “special dinners out”. You name it, this book teaches you to deal with and conquer your problems with these or any other situations. And we all have them. I love it because it is healthy eating plus how to deal with the emotional junk that always tags along on these journeys. It teach you how you can “cheat” and actually enjoy your life without all the guilt. I have been doing it for 7weeks. I feel awesome, have tons of energy, tons of motivation, got rid of my depression, lost 25 pounds so far. I am back to walking and training for a half marathon. I have been able to go out to eat and not be stressed out about being the one on a diet. I have been able to goof up here and there and not be stressed out about it which of course always leads to giving up AGAIN! They give you as much or as little support as you need every day. The Peertrainer site is an awesome place to journal, write your goals, share your journey with others who share theirs, get and give advice and encouragement. No pressure ever. It’s just there when you want to use it or need it-every day. For me personally their diet is the way I like to live. So it works for me. And it really is true: when you fill your body with the right food you stop craving the wrong food. The book is organized and easy to understand and follow. Many great recipes and lots of great knowledgeable people to help along the way. I love it!

The Cheat System diet is so revolutionary because it’s designed for real people and it really works! It’s not a diet really, it’s much more of a lifestyle which is what you really need for long lasting weight loss. I’m always explaining this to the patients in my practice. Jackie is so real and understands that we’re not perfect and everyone needs to cheat so instead of letting cheating ruin all of your best efforts, she builds it right in – brilliant!! As a friend of Jackie’s I can tell you that she walks her talk. She eats well and then she cheats and stays looking great in the process. She has easy advice that you can take action on immediately. If you’ve been on every diet out there and still can’t lose, this is the diet you must try! I will definitely be recommending it to my patients who need to lose weight.

-Jennifer Landa, MD – Ob/Gyn and Hormone Specialist

I can’t believe that I lost 8 pounds in 7 days last week on this plan!

Jackie Wicks has helped me so much with her new Cheat System Diet daily challenges. I’m a long-time member of her online support network, but I have struggled some seasons to move the scale because of those niggling habits I often feel I can’t change.

The encouraging helpful hint that Jackie calls “the weekly one thing” was THE ONE that helped me turn the corner recently. It gave me the hope that Jackie refers to. Reading The Cheat Diet through to the end, I’m reminded that the one-change-I-make-today puts me in “Hope Mode 1.0”. (See page 326.) And that leads me to “Hope Mode 2.0”.

Week by week, or rather day by day, I can build on Hope.





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