Do Microwaves Destroy Nutrients?

by Jason Boehm, MS, CNS, MMC

How Do Microwaves Work?

Water heating up moloculesIn a microwave oven, water molecules in the food absorb the energy of the microwaves and begin to vibrate faster–this is another way to say they “get hot”, because all heat is really just how fast molecules are vibrating. Using a more traditional method of heating, the energy of the heat source slowly causes the exact same molecules to bounce around in the exact same way.

The methods are slightly different (microwaves are inside-out and stoves are outside-in), but the end result is the exact same: the molecules of food bounce around faster, and our meal gets hot. That’s the whole of the difference–microwaves have no special power to destroy nutrients any more than a cooking fire does.

BUT, you might ask, does cooking in general then destroy those nutrients we want!?

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