Do Microwaves Destroy Nutrients?

by Jason Boehm, MS, CNS, MMC

Again, The Answer Is No.

microwaves actually preserve nutrients

We’re confident about what does and not destroy nutrients, and most vitamins are heat-resistant. Even the vitamins that are not heat-resistant, however, are only destroyed by extremely high temperatures, extremely long exposure, or both; there will be minimal loss at the times and temperatures of the home kitchen. Since microwaving typically takes less cooking time than stove-top or other cooking methods, we might even expect slightly greater nutrient retention!

To summarize: microwaves do not destroy nutrients, and the rumor that they do can only be described as a vile piece of misinformation. Cook away with your microwave, and be thankful we have such a wonderful gadget which makes it possible to cook up frozen vegetables in less than five minutes!

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