New PTU Feature: Ask Brian!

by Jackie Wicks

Hi PTU community!

I want to announce a new feature I’ll be running here at PEERtrainer University: Ask Brian! (that’s me!).

I’ve been privately answering the questions of many members of the PEERtrainer community for some time over email.┬áMost of the questions I receive are excellent, and I think everyone could benefit from hearing the answer.

With this in mind, I think the time has come to solicit questions from the community at large and answer them in a weekly column.

What I’m really hoping for is to get the entire PT community involved! This project will be at its best when we have plenty of queriers, as well as lots of commenters. While I will always strive to be clear when replying to a question, the comments section will serve as a valuable tool for the readers to seek further clarification and for me to provide a more complete answer when necessary.

I’m going to be working with a number of formats. I’m going to start with just simple blog posts, but I also want to experiment with “video columns”. In short, I want to provide the community with answers to their questions in whatever format will be most engaging and most easily understood!

For more information on the Ask Brian! section, please visit the newly set-up “Ask Brian!” page. There you will find some more information on me (so those of you who are not familiar with my work here at PT can learn more) and also some basic groundrules so we can make sure to get the right sorts of questions flowing!

The “Ask Brian!” page also has a form whereby you can ask your questions to me–I opted for this sort of submission in an effort to fight the spam which I’m confident I’ll be flooded with by releasing my email to the web at large! The submission process is simple, arguably even simpler than email, but please let me know (by commenting on this post) if you are having trouble.

Let’s get this New Year started right! If you have any nutrition or fitness-related question, please let me know via the Ask Brian! form!

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