PEERtrainer 14 Day Fresh Start Cleanse Program

by Jackie Wicks
fresh start

The PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse is a Scientific Detox Program that has you totally focus for 14 day period. If you are like most people, some bad habits have crept up on you. This cleanse gives you a period of time to work on those habits and really focus on you.

When you do this, some real magic can happen. Since we first launched this program in 2011, we have seen a very consistent 5 to 7 pound average weight loss. This average (from our internal surveys) includes people who did not need to lose weight, as well as people who failed to lose weight.

Most importantly, this period of time lets you really focus on your health. People report having more energy, looking younger and having increased self-confidence. Everyone has a different result, but when you remove inflammatory foods and focus on better habits, you personally know that good things are going to result.

We developed and run this program in conjunction with leading experts in Scientific Detox. This program helps to literally solve the problems that are at the root of excess weight. Traditional diets don’t work because they don’t solve the root cause of the problem.

How To Solve The Root Cause Of Excess Weight

Dr. Robert Rountree is a practicing MD who also teaches other doctors how to do their jobs the best they can. He is likely the leading expert in the world in Scientific Detox, and is now helping PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse participants deepen their knowledge of how it works. This FREE twenty minute interview will help you learn how Scientfic Detox solves the root cause problems of excess weight- quickly. Click play to listen:

Click Here To Download The Interview To Add To Your Library.

How To Join Us

To join us, click this link and enter your first name and email address. You’ll get INSTANT access to our existing course material which teaches you exactly what you need to do prior to the cleanse. The most important thing to know is that you can’t fail on this. Once you learn the whys and hows of Scientific Detox, your habits will change forever. Most importantly, you’ll be more effective at WHATEVER you do. You will get more return on EFFORT, and you will “diet” in a much smarter way than ever before!!

We have made this as easy as possible to get started. We have put together a couple kit options to help you be successful. The basic kit includes the items you need for success. You can choose vanilla or chocolate protein mix, a reformulated and great tasting fiber supplement, as well as detox nutrients packets. These packets are critical because they help to support proper detoxification, and help get the toxins out of your body. This helps you feel good through the 14 days, and is key to your success. Because the shakes replace some meals, this will either be cost neutral or you can even save some money, compared to the cost of the meals you replace!

The PLUS Kits below contain some extra supplements for anyone with any Gut Health issues- gas and bloating. When your gut is working optimally, you are going to detoxify more quickly and also feel so much better, if this is an issue for you. The kits and the program are also 100% refundable, so there is really no risk for you to start this program. And once you do the program once, you get added to future cleanses for free. Close to 10,000 people have gone through this focused and structured program. The second you sign up, you will get detailed instructions on how to start. This video explains the difference between the two kits.

To Sign Up And Get Immediate Access To The Free Class, Enter Your First Name and Email Address Below:

Get Instant Acess To The Fresh Start Cleanse Course Materials and DashboardFirst Name:Email:

The Science Behind Detoxification And How The Program Works:

We are very excited to be offering a proven program that will help you feel absolutely fantastic. During this period we will work with you, and take you through exactly what to do to keep your body detoxified for life.

We will answer all your questions. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading experts on this subject.

We also make this as easy and doable for you as possible. We know we have a proven formula, but we know that people live their lives differently. As you go through the program, you’ll find the options you need to be successful.

Why Detox/Cleanse?

If you breathe, eat, drink water, use electronics, or otherwise simply live in this modern world, then you need to detox.

You are exposed to harmful chemicals every day, just by going about your daily activities. They are an unfortunate fact of life in today’s world.

There’s no way around this, even if you’re careful with the products you use, because the onslaught is too huge. The air itself carries toxins like mercury, and we breathe this in whether we’re in a city or in the countryside.

Consider this:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published data on the levels of selected persistent organic pollutants (POPs) – a category of toxins which includes dioxins, phthalates, PDBEs, PCBs, etc. – and found that among a representative sample of the US population, some toxins were present in essentially every individual over the age of 12!

Toxins have been independently linked to an increase risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, impaired neurological development, learning and attention deficit disorders, endometriosis, thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, and more.

This means you need to provide yourself with respites or breaks (a detox or cleanse program) where not only do you avoid as much as possible taking in toxins from the environment, but you also provide your body with the specific nutrients it needs to neutralize harmful chemicals and convert them into harmless substances that then can be excreted.

That’s why we recommend that EVERYONE do a detox cleanse program 2-4 times a year, and why we’re so happy to be finally offering this to you.

What Happens After The 14 Day Cleanse?

After this period of total focus, we help you build upon your success. Many people decide to keep the daily shake habit. Others keep a certain level of commitment to this new lifestyle. Almost everyone experiences an increase in their self confidence.

How do I know if I’m toxic?

There’s probably not a person alive today who isn’t toxic, but if you are struggling with any of these symptoms, you should consider toxicity as the possible culprit:

FatigueHeadachesHormone imbalanceDifficulty losing weight (weight loss resistance)Crankiness/mood disordersThyroid problemsBad skinJoint painBrain fogDigestive disordersAccelerated agingDiabetesHeart DiseaseCancerAnd more…

Terminology Tip: Is there a difference between a detox and a cleanse?The term detox and cleanse are often used interchangeably, but there can be a HUGE difference between what people mean by these terms.

Some “cleanses” simply have you add more fiber and maybe take some kind of herbal laxative to help you have more bowel movements.

While this is a valuable thing to do, as we explained above, it’s just a tiny fraction of the process of full body detoxification.

How does the body detoxify?

The body detoxifies in many ways. The obvious ones that most people know about are pooping, peeing, and sweating out toxins.

Primary organs

But did you know that your liver is your main organ of detoxification, and that in fact every single cell in your body has to detoxify and find a way to remove dangerous compounds that you have taken in from the environment and that your own body creates through the very act of metabolism (i.e. producing energy)?

It’s true.

Pretty much every cell in your body must be able to effectively neutralize and excrete toxins in order to prevent damage and stay healthy. If it can’t do this, the DNA of the cell’s nucleus and mitochondria become damaged, eventually leading to the cell’s untimely death.

Why THIS cleanse?

PEERtrainer has been running this detox program since 2011, taking people through a science-based process. This is not a juice cleanse.

For example, did you know that getting adequate protein is essential for the process of chemical detoxification?

You might be surprised by this because some of the most popular cleanses out there include absolutely ZERO protein (i.e. The Master Cleanse, anyone?).

This is an extremely dangerous thing to do (cleanse without consuming protein), because it is amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that your liver, other organs and every cell of your body use to neutralize and convert dangerous chemicals into less harmful compounds that can then be ushered out of your body.

Most people who advertise or promote cleanses don’t understand this simple fact because they have no background in biochemistry.

PEERtrainer has put together a comprehensive detox program where we do it RIGHT, because we want you to have the most effective and safe detox experience possible.

The quality of the information you’re going to get in our program, not to mention the complete meal plans and recipes that will make it a no-brainer to follow, leaves other programs in the dust.

What can I expect during the cleanse?
Will I have to eat all kinds of weird things?
Will I feel bad?

Rest easy. There’s nothing weird or unusual about the foods that you’ll be eating on the program.

We’ll be providing you with complete meal plans and recipes for healthy but totally delicious and normal foods.

In fact, your family can enjoy the same meals right alongside you, although they may add a condiment or two that you’ll be skipping, like grated cheese or ketchup – minor differences that can easily be worked with if they’re not keen to do a full blown detox.

In addition, you’ll be encouraged to replace a meal a day with a special detox protein shake that includes the detox-specific nutrients mentioned earlier that really push your body into detox overdrive. This will be optional but if you choose to do it, you’ll experience accelerated and more dramatic results.

Here’s the best part of all…

When you do a cleanse correctly – i.e. getting enough protein and the right nutrients to properly support the process – you don’t experience intense “detox reactions”like with other cleanses. If you’re feeling bad, you’re not doing it right.

That’s the beauty of this program. Other than some possible initial withdrawal symptoms from sugar or caffeine (if you’ve been a huge consumer of either or both), you’ll quickly begin to feel fantastic. In fact, you’ll start to feel so good you may not want to stop!

Most people following our formula go from feeling blah to feeling ecstatic within just a few days.

It may take longer for you depending on your toxic burden and how poorly you’ve been eating, but no matter where you are now, you WILL feel better as you progress through the program. She hasn’t met a single person yet who hasn’t.

What Do You Eat (And Not Eat) On A Cleanse?

We have put together a free webinar where we go over the exact things you need to know to do a cleanse the right way. Enter your email address to get this sent to you right now. This webinar will help you get a jumpstart on the formal cleanse.

Over 42,000 People Belong To Our Facebook Community

What Are People Saying About The PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse? (Results Not Typical Of Course!)

…I am SO grateful

“I just want to thank you for creating this online cleanse/peer support format!! I am 48 and since age 45 it’s been difficult to lose weight …in fact, month by month it has been creeping up! Anyway, my doctor had told me I need to lose 35 pounds… thanks to participating in this cleanse, I know I can do it! Most importantly, I went from a 38 inch waist to 36 1/2… important for me as I haven’t been able to do this on my own! I lost 3 pounds in the week before the cleanse (in anticipation and being more “mindful” of my choices) and since October 3 have lost 9 lbs… I am SO grateful for you two (and my friend who agreed to do it with me!)

– Shannon Cain

“…There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

“There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I felt immediately when I read about the PEERtrainer Freshstart Cleanse that it would be just what I needed. I did have some second thoughts because of not living in the states and not being able to order the exact products recommended, but obviously the program still worked and I learned so much.

I lost 8 pounds and 2 inches from both my waist and my hips in the two weeks!! and after the first couple of days, it was so-o-o EASY ! “

– Michaele Ali

“This program really did give me a “Fresh Start”

” Since starting this program, I have released 7.8 lbs…The eating plan with the Fresh Start Cleanse Program made it so easy for me.

I do love to eat, but don’t love to cook, so I like simple plans! This program really did give me a “Fresh Start,” and I know I will continue to improve in all areas as I continue to put good stuff into my body in the correct amounts and combinations. Thank you for this program! I have not felt this good in years!!!”

Nov 21st, 2011 And an update, I continue to release weight (slowly, but surely). I am now down 11.6 lbs. And with my cravings gone, I know this trajectory will eventually lead me to reach my goal weight and optimal health!

– Karene Cargill

“You gave me the push I needed!”

“My friend mentioned your upcoming cleanse……and it was a perfect storm…..I was in a place that I was ready to make changes, I liked the group support concept, I was familiar with a lot of the concepts, and it did not seem like some wacky-don’t eat-drink weird drinks-live in the bathroom for 2 weeks-kind of program.

The result as of today is: I lost 6 pounds during the two week cleanse and several more since then. My digestive problems have been corrected. My knees and shoulders feel better than they have in many years. Swelling in my hands and feet have subsided. No uncontrollable cravings (the only thing I crave now is the shakes….WITH spinach!). My moods are much more level.

I have not been 100% perfect, but I have found motivation that was missing for so long and a healthy balance that works for me and my life right now…….and for that I am IMMENSELY grateful! “

– Kim Thomas

PS – Another bonus for me has been the live calls and Q&A sessions…not only are they so informative but so entertaining 🙂 I find myself laughing out loud all the time and appreciate the honesty!!!”

“I am so incredibly grateful for this experience”

Thanks so much for taking my call yesterday on the live Q & A. I had mentioned that I had lost 8 pounds during the cleanse and that was just the beginning for me in terms of my own health. I learned so much about reactive foods and inflammation and identified my own personal triggers. I had much digestive distress and seemed unable to lose weight prior to doing the cleanse.

I lost 2 inches in my hips and an inch in my waist the 1st week! My husband thought that my hips were slimming down. My chiropractor told me she wished she had my flat stomach and my skin! My health coach have never seen progress like mine! My jeans are loose and I know that I will achieve my weight goal soon

This has been my first time using this program and I am so incredibly grateful for this experience because I learned what I needed to do to really feel amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for leading this cleanse team! “

– Erica Topps

“Wow! You are great!! I will definitely be joining you for repeat detoxes.

I did the cleanse from Australia and lost 2.7kg which totally boosted my morale. I really love the SCIENCE behind it. I also loved how great the results were for Jackie. I have reintroduced dairy and wheat and I feel so sluggish so am keen to detox again. This time I’ll pay more attention to the reintroduction of foods.

I got a vegetarian friend into it and the results have been good for her too. She realised she doesn’t eat enough protein and has been relying on carbs for energy. She loved the vegan protein shakes and is amazed to find she’s given up coffee.

Thanks again”

– Fay B. November 24th, 2011

Here’s exactly what you get with the PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse Program:

  1. Three weekly teleclasses, where we’ll walk you through the program step-by-step. We’re going to teach you everything you need to know to have a successful cleanse, and we’ve outlined each step in a simple way so you’ll be able to follow the program with ease and relative comfort.
  2. Access to a private, interactive forum where you can get support from other participants and ask questions. The forum will be our online gathering place and where you’ll access all of the program materials, including archived teleclass recordings, cheat sheets, quizzes, checklists, resources, and much more!
  3. Complete meal plans, recipes and shopping lists for the entire duration of the program
  4. TWO bonus Q&A calls with PEERtrainer to get all of your questions answered
  5. Getting Started audio and guide to get you on the right foot, right away, even before the program officially begins (get a head start!)

What Happens When You Sign Up?

  1. You’ll get immediate access to the members-only PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse materials and interactive forum. This is where you’ll find everything you need to get started on the program, even before the first teleclass. Say hello and start getting to know your fellow participants too!
  2. You will get access to the Getting Started Audio recording to get you into immediate action.
  3. You’ll get a number of handouts and quizzes that you can get started on right away, including Your Toxicity Quotient Quiz, a Symptoms Quiz, instructions for making a meal replacement shake, and more.
  4. You’ll get immediate access to all of your bonuses which can be found on the BONUSES page of the Cleanse Dashboard.

Here’s Just a Sampling of What We Will be Covering in DETAIL During This Exclusive Fresh Start Cleanse Program

Class One – Dive In!!

  1. Your Symptoms Checklist, Toxicity Quotient, and Food Journals so you can accurately track your progress and stay accountable
  2. How to measure your body fat, why this is important, and the right way to track your progress
  3. How to get the enemy out of the house and restock your fridge and pantry for success – we’ll go over our comprehensive Restock List so you understand what needs to go and what to replace it with
  4. A mini-course on the sources of toxins in our lives, the symptoms of toxicity, and how the body actually detoxifies (you need to know this so you’ll understand the reason behind everything we’ll ask you to do in the program)
  5. How you can test to see how toxic your body is
  6. Optimal Choices chart for each food category and a Meal Planning Worksheet so everything is laid out for you clearly and you don’t have to think about it!
  7. Fresh Start Cleanse Week 1 Meal Plan & Shopping List so making meals will be as easy & quick as possible (this will be posted the Thursday before on the forum so you can go shopping over the weekend and be prepared for the week)
  8. What beverages you can safely drink and how much
  1. Why and how to replace a meal a day with a detox protein shake (Important: you MUST follow our specific recipes or you risk doing more harm than good.)
  2. What to expect during the first week
  3. The CORRECT way to taper off caffeine (beware: there’s a right way and a wrong way!)
  4. The two habits you must do consistently to achieve the best success on the program

Class Two – Go Deep

  1. Review: weighing and measuring to keep accurate track of your progress
  2. The 6 foods you’ll be eliminating starting TODAY
  3. What to expect during Week 2
  4. The 7 daily habits (including food, drink, and movement) that you’ll begin incorporating into the program. We’ll go over these in detail so you know exactly what to do.
  5. What type of exercise you should begin incorporating into your routine, and exactly how to do it. This specific exercise will shift your metabolism into a lean, fat-burning machine! (And the best part is, it takes only minutes and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.)
  6. The Fresh Start Week 2 Meal Plan & Shopping List (this will be posted the Thursday before on the forum so you can go shopping over the weekend and be prepared for the week)

Class Three – Intensify

  1. Reminder: weigh and measure
  1. 5 additional things you can do this week to intensify and accelerate the detoxification process. (Don’t worry, these will not be difficult or make you feel bad–they will actually make you feel better!)
  2. An additional exercise routine that you should begin this week to build lean muscle and burn more body fat. Again, this is quick and you don’t have to go to the gym to do it.
  3. What to expect during Week 3
  4. 9 ways to clean up your personal environment and reduce the toxins you are exposed to in your own home or at work
  5. How to “mentally cleanse” by minimizing negative thoughts and the impact of toxic people in your life.
  6. Fresh Start Week 3 Meal Plan & Shopping List (this will be posted the Thursday before on the forum so you can go shopping over the weekend and be prepared for the week)

Bonus Q&A Classes We will be addressing all your questions in the BONUS Question and Answer calls.

You’ll have access to the recording to listen to at your convenience.

Pricing And How To Purchase

Because of the large audience of PEERtrainer, we are able to offer the course for FREE.

Get Instant Acess To The Fresh Start Cleanse Course Materials and DashboardFirst Name:Email:

Product Kit Options: Meal Shakes

At PEERtrainer we see that Shakes are very popular. People often use them in combination with the PEERtrainer Cheat System. You know we advocate a nutrient dense diet. But we realize that people need shortcuts from time to time. A cleanse is an ideal time to employ a high quality meal replacement shake.

However, it is critically important that one buy the right kind of shake product. So often we see people buy low quality products that are high in sugar and harmful additives.

PEERtrainer has teamed up with Thorne Research, to offer the highest quality shakes on the market.

Thorne Research Logo

They feature plant-based protein. Additionally, these shakes are low in sugar but also taste great.

We want people to get the protein needed to help get the toxins out of your body, but we don’t want to tax your system with extra sugar and extra animal protein.

When You Sign Up, You Have Immediate Access To Some Great Bonuses:

Expert Interview Series:

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis

Expert Interview:
Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis
(Michelle’s will BLOW you away!) ($29 value)

Home Safe Home?
Hidden Dangers in the
Products We Use

Tom O'Bryan

Expert Interview:
Tom O’Bryan
($29 value)

Put the bread basket down:
How gluten may be destroying
your health and what you can do about it
Expert Interview:
Jeffrey Smith
($29 value)What You Need to Know About
the Dangers of GMO FoodsExpert Interview:
Dr. Kaayla Daniels
($29 value)The Whole Soy Story:
Why There is NO Joy in SoyWhat are you waiting for?Get a proven, step-by-step plan to detox your body safely and comfortably, and do it while you have an amazing amount of guidance, support, hand-holding, and a group of like-minded folks doing it along with you!You’re Also Protected by Our 100%
Money Back Total Satisfaction Guarantee
We’re so confident that you’re going to LOVE the PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse program that we’re offering a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. Get access to the private website and forum, look through the materials, and listen in on the first class. Then, if you decide for whatever reason that this program is not for you, just let us know and we’ll promptly refund 100% of your money. Easy as that. That’s our promise to you!*Let us know by emailing before midnight
Pacific after your first class.So are you ready to get started?Yes, I’m ready to CLEANSE and rid myself
of harmful toxins that can damage my
health. I’m ready to lose weight, get rid of
annoying symptoms, look better, feel better, and
have more energy than I have in years!

For just $95, I know I’ll get:3 teleclasses
Access to a private, interactive forum.
Complete meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.
TWO bonus Q&A callsGetting Started audio and guide.4 Expert Interview Bonuses (MP3)
Remember, this is the only life you’ve got. Do you really want to waste it carrying extra pounds you don’t want and feeling lousy all the time? NOW is your time to get your life back. Are you ready to break free?

 FAQQ: Will I have to purchase nutritional supplements to do the program? A: No, you don’t have to, although we do strongly recommend recommend that you replace 1 meal a day with a protein shake for general good health practices. Our favorite is Thorne Vegalite Shake with Medibulk. You are welcome to use another shake mix if you can find one that fits the parameters (we’ll explain what those parameters are in the first class). In addition we will recommend the 2 following products. They are optional and the program is designed work with or without them: In order of importance:Detox Shake Mix – During the two weeks of your intensive phase will be added to you daily shakes.Detox Support Packets – Good for your liver, provides antioxidant protection, and helps your body detoxify better
Remember, all of the above are optional.
Q. Will the meals cost more money?A. The answer to this depends on how much you typically spend on food, but in most cases, the answer will be no. In fact, you will most likely save money, because you will not be spending on processed and packaged items which are typically some of the most expensive items in your shopping cart (pound for pound). The exception is that we will ask you to spend more than you may be used to on quality wild, organic and grass-fed meats, and on organic produce. However, minus all the extra junk in their cart, most people find that their total grocery bill actually goes DOWN by quite a bit while on the cleanse. (Also, no expensive bar tabs and few, if any, restaurant bills!) Previous participants have told us that over the course of the month, their grocery bill savings actually more than paid for the price of the program.Q. How long does the meal prep take?A. Most meals should take just 15-30 minutes to prepare (cooking time may be longer). We’ve designed them to be quick, easy and delicious.Q. Will my family eat the meals?A. Yes, the meals have been created with families in mind. We’re both mothers so we understand that you’re not going to prepare one meal for yourself and a separate meal for the rest of the family (with an occasional exception, of course!). Now, if you have an unusually picky eater to contend with, you may find yourself making a modification here or there, but those can easily be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Q. Can I do this while traveling?A. Absolutely. People have done this program while traveling in Europe, while on cruises, while in Hawaii, and in fact, all over the world. Depending on your exact circumstances, you may have more or less of a challenge finding some of the suggested foods, but it can be done. There are always substitutions that can be made, and we will show you how to easily “assemble” a meal from any menu so that your meal conforms to the requirements of the program. The main point is that if you are willing to bypass the cocktails and cake while on vacation, and to follow some simple eating guidelines to the best of your ability, you can do the program and learn how to burn fat easily and keep it off.. 
DisclaimerThis information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified health care professional and you should seek the advice of your health care professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. The material provided on this website is for educational purposes only.

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