PEERtrainer Motivation Bootcamp Part 1

by Jackie Wicks

The First Step To Manufacturing Motivation

We got a very interesting question in our Point Of No Return Coaching team. It was such an interesting question that cut to the heart of the motivation challenge that so many people seem to have. Here is the question:

“I don’t know how many of you watched the Biggest Loser last night, but man, was I moved and inspired to not let myself get to the point where I need that kind of intervention in my life.

With that said, thought a lot about motivation and what gets people going. For me, I have every rational reason to be motivated. My mother had a massive heart attack and triple bypass, I have high cholesterol, I’m overweight and I want to have children in the next year.

Even with all of that rational motivation, I can’t seem to make the emotional connection to any of those that will allow me to sustain my motivation over a long period of time. I guess its about getting clear on the ‘why”…that is what I’m working on now…

Any thoughts, suggestions or words of advice?”

This question is such a fundamental challenge to everyone. This is something we all experience, where we know rationally that we need to do something, but we can’t seem to get the connection, get fired up, make it a priority.

So Jackie and Joshua hopped on the conference line and began a discussion that asked the following questions:

1) What is the core of motivation
2) How do you manufacture motivation? What are the tricks and shortcuts?
3) How does one get that emotional connection that serves as the reason to act?

What is interesting about this question is that this person knows that you have to get to the why. That is the easy part. The harder question is “how do you do this.” So listen to this short call where we take you through a couple basic questions:

PEERtrainer Motivation Bootcamp, part 1

You can click on the link to listen on your computer, and you can right click on a PC or option click on a Mac to download to an MP3 player to listen later.

We also created a short video where I summarize some of the points in the call.

Part 2: The Massive Power Of Tiny Adjustments

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