PEERtrainer Motivation Bootcamp Part 2

by Jackie Wicks

How Will You Scratch Your CD- The Massive Power Of Simple Changes

In the first of this 5 part series on motivation we asked if you were a rewards person or a consequences person. Hopefully you have answered that question or at least put some thought into it. The first part of this call goes over that- maybe it will help trigger something for you.

In this next part we are going to take you through a simple exercise where we teach you how to easily interrupt the patterns you want to and start to create new ones. These simple changes become massive motivation factories.

Key Concepts and Questions:

-Something as simple as altering the path home
-Focus on adding rather than deletion. Much more of a postive thing
-What are things you can add? Where can you add them
-Makes it much easier to make changes by adding.
-This creates motivation because you get excited by the good change you made
-Breaks it down into very doable chunks.

-Most people have the motivation formula reversed, think “when they get motivated, then they take action”
-The OPPOSITE is usually true

-Action needs to come first- the smallest action can create massive action and motivation. Simple physics.

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Follow-up Questions:

What are your little tools to create action?

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