PEERtrainer’s “Permanent Control”

by Jackie Wicks

One Month Program To Combat Emotional, Night and Stress Eating

How Does This Work?

PEERtrainer’s “Permanent Control” is a program that is designed to help people who experience frustration at not being in full control of their eating. The program consists of 8 short audio calls that you can download.

Over the course of the 8 short sessions we introduce to you a series of ideas that are designed to completely change how you think about your eating habits by leading you through an exploration of your own emotions. There is also an emotional eating support group that you are invited to join.

We observe that most people who suffer from this phenomenon display excellent discipline in other areas of their life. Not being in control of your eating can manifest itself in the following ways:

Emotional Eating
Night Eating
Stress Eating
Mindless Snacking
Binge Eating
These are unscientific terms, and there are other approaches out there that seek to pathologize these behaviors and assign scientific categorization. This program does not do that. (And there are other programs we can recommend for that) Instead, we approach these behaviors from a problem solving perspective. And in our view, one of the most important things that we can communicate is that these behaviors do not need to be a permanent condition.

We use the skills you have successfully learned and used in other aspects of your life, and teach you how this is just another problem.

What Should I Expect Out Of This Program?

The most important thing we hope to accomplish to end the frustration that comes when you feel like nothing works, you always go back to square one and as a result feel hopeless.

How Does The PEERtrainer Emotional Eating Program Work?

When you sign up, you are immediately sent an email that contains a link to an audio call, where the PEERtrainer coaching team introduces you to some key concepts. You will also be asked what your specific area of focus is. This helps us further tailor the program. We also want to know how much information you want to absorb, and at what rate. With email programs like this it can be easy to feel like you are “falling behind.”

The intention is to introduce the information at the appropriate pace and reinforce the information at the appropriate pace. For those of you who are new to PEERtrainer, we have a extremely deep body of knowledge and experience in this area. And we know that people like information served in “bite sizes”, maybe a couple times a week. We may create a more “intense” version of the program for people who want that.

What Are People Saying About This Program So Far?

“Thank you so much for your support. I am truly amazed that I have stumbled on to this program. I think it is amazing, and to think you give of yourself to help others is awesome!”

“Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate it. This mini-series is great, and I’d love more like this! Since starting PEERtrainer, the numerous suggestions, emails, calls, have really helped me separate my emotional concerns from my food choices. Instead, I check in every morning to myself, “how am I feeling today?” and answer the question, pondering it over for a little while, and thinking why I feel the way I do. Sometimes I can find an explanation but other times I cant, and that’s okay. I have lost about 25lbs as well! Thank you for your help!”

“I have been sharing all of the ideas that you provide with the folks I coach. so many folks. so many triggers for emotional and night eating. we’re getting some good responses on the practical ways of detecting, and rechanneling the triggers. It continues to be of great value.”

“I’m doing VERY well, I call on the skills and ideas I learned regularly and please know that I encourage others to use the program…listening repeatedly to the installments is part of my routine now as my selection is guided by whatever challenges I feel I’m facing at the moment.”

“Love this series — thank you so much! The piece that has spoken to me in particular this time around is the difference been “want to” and “decide to.” Don’t know why I hadn’t made this distinction before, but it’s very helpful.”

“I have learned that emotional eating does not have to be a part of my identity, and the program has helped me to realize that there are alternatives to emotional eating.”

“The EE program is totally helping me. My awareness level of my problem is at an all time high and understanding where my EE is coming from makes it so much easier to not give in to it.”

“Emotional eating is just not an issue anymore. I wish I could tell you what has made the change, but I am getting results and that’s all that matters I guess. 🙂 My life has truly changed. It’s like the perfect storm….Everything–these emails, the PEERtrainer community, the tools and inspiration I am getting from the Point Of No Return program–have all come together to make a difference in my life. I have lost 10 pounds since I began PONR and like I said, emotional eating is just not an issue anymore. It’s incredible. Thank you.”

“I love how do-able this program is. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep it up.”

How To Sign Up:

This program available for purchase for $15.

“I am now at least fully aware of what I’m doing. I dont have dairy and chocolate cravings anymore which is amazing. I’ve zeroed in on my trigger foods. I’m just way more aware of my body than I’ve ever been. I realize now that the reason why I find junk food as a comfort is because growing up when I’d have long emotional talks with my family members, especially my mom, that’s the food we’d eat. I have strategies to get me to stop eating like calling my boyfriend, or picking up that book I never finished. Just knowing it’s a problem has helped dramatically too. And that I’m not alone. Everything is so broken down and consice. I love how do-able this program is. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep it up.”

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