The 25 BEST Tips of All Time for Losing Weight!!!

by Jackie Wicks

Tip #2: Chocolate For Breakfast (and Vanilla!)

Chocolate Protein Milkshake With Whipped Cream
A tasty Chocolate Protein Shake, made the RIGHT way, is one of the best weight loss tips we have seen at PEERtrainer.

The CORE ingredients: Chocoloate Pea/Rice protein, Coconut milk, Fibermend, kale/spinach, Vanilla extract.

This helps you feel full past noon! The Cheat System Diet Cookbook has the full recipe, plus 50 others. Download it here for free!

Follow the recipe as close as possible. Do NOT use whey or dairy for best results. (Unless you are a bodybuilder.) The pea/rice protein combination absorbs more slowly in your body, keeping you fuller, longer. The coconut milk contains good fats which get converted to energy quickly. So you are full and energized. The added fiber helps your gut heal, which is the #1 thing you need to do for great looking skin!

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