The 25 BEST Tips of All Time for Losing Weight!!!

by Jackie Wicks

Tip #4: Ditch Factory Raised Meat In Favor Of Natural (this is a MUST)

Grass-Fed BeefThe meat that most of us consider “normal” is literally killing us and keeping us fat. You want to switch to grass fed or natural meat, no matter what.

Grass-fed, wild, and pastured meats are all much lower in total fat and higher in healthy fats than their feedlot and farmed counterparts.

Grass-fed beef has only 40% of the fat as conventional beef, for example, but more omega-3s and CLA, healthy fats which encourage weight loss. Many nutritionists consider this a “health food”- but only if you keep consumption low in relation to the plant-based food in your diet.

The Cheat System Diet helps you to make this shift, gently, over time. This is a HUGELY controversial area- good rule of is that no matter what you do, make the switch to clean meat.

And if there is any part of you that does not “feel” good on meat- ditch it entirely. Some people have a tough time digesting it.

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