The 25 BEST Tips of All Time for Losing Weight!!!

by Jackie Wicks

Tip #5: Stop Beating Yourself Up (This Takes Practice)

FlexibilityAnother all time weight loss tip from PEERtrainer is to STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP.

You did not get to this point overnight, and you are not going to get to where you want overnight. Recognize that “Cheating” is normal, and as long as you are headed in the right DIRECTION, you are succeeding. This is the opposite of how you feel when you blow past your points or calories or whatever.

The best diets are the ones which allow you elbow-room to make some “bad choices” while encouraging you to continue making good ones. The Cheat System Diet was built after nearly a decade of observing people in the PEERtrainer Weight Loss lab.

When you start to view “Cheating” as normal, you’ll stop making beating yourself up so much, and start making better decisions.

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