The Cheat System Diet “Brain-Body Blockage” Challenge

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Last summer my husband Habib was introduced to Dr. Eric Cobb here in Boulder.

Eric was in town to meet with a couple leaders in our industry to help get the word out about his company: Z-Health. Long story short, the work Eric does helps to smooth out the “brain language” between your brain and your body.

Any blockage in this connection between your brain and body can result in pain, inflexibility, poor posture and lack of coordination.

To introduce the work, Eric did a session with my husband and 2 others. Habib had no idea what to expect. Eric asked him if there was “anything going on” physically, and Habib said other than overdoing it with exercise, no.

Eric asked if there was anything emotional going on, and Habib said other than some 9-11 related “stuff” that he had taken care of a few years back, no.

Habib was then asked to do some simple range of motion exercises. Stand up straight with arms out and palms together, and then turn from side to side. Which he did, with the others watching.

Eric then pulled a pen out and had Habib stand still and then follow the pen with his eyes. Every time Habib’s eyes were pulled to the upper left field of his vision, he started to get very uncomfortable.

Within a few minutes Habib was sobbing in front of his colleagues. During the morning of Sept 11th in NYC, he had been very close to the towers. The area that the first plane hit was high up in the upper left quadrant of his vision.

Eric explained that Habib had been visually avoiding this quadrant- and quickly did a series of eye exercises to help re-train him to use his full field of vision. He then re-tested Habib’s range of motion, which improved instantly.

Another colleague had been thrown through a car window as a teenager, and had a different set of “brain-body” blockages. Eric did his exercises and helped increase this persons range of motion.

Essentially, every single one of us, in some way or another, develops “brain-body” imbalances. The simple act of getting older results in most people looking down more than is needed. Some simple eye exercises can help people re-discover their full range of vision.

After Habib came home from this session, I realized that my son was having a hard time catching a football. We did the exercises with him, and within a day his ability to catch a football was increased dramatically.

The Cheat System Diet “Brain-Body Blockage” Challenge

What is AWESOME is that on pages 316-320 of the Cheat System Diet, Eric has provided a basis set of these exercises that you can do in about 5 minutes. When you do these exercises, and then read all of Chapter 3, you have put in place the start of a very good plan to get out of a lot of physical pain.

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