The Three Bite Rule

by Jackie Wicks

Enjoy Dessert As A Reward For Healthy Eating Habits

When it comes to dessert, the three bite rule is unparalleled for satisfaction and portion control. If you want dessert, have three bites. There is no dessert that is forbidden, and you’ll find that after the three bites, you’re mindlessly eating.

Once you try this a few times, you’ll see how easy it is to maintain. Enjoying dessert like this helps to match big changes in eating with the reality of daily life. Eating out is a big part of our life. Learning how to eat out and still lose weight and be healthy is a challenge, but it can be done

With your husband, boyfriend, friends or co-workers- when you do go out and order dessert, order one and many forks or spoons. This is a great way to show others your new discipline and habits. One thing to realize though, is when you start to change your eating, your exercise and your mindset, you will probably lose weight.

And you will want to tell the world. Resist the urge to try and “convert” others. Be a model for others and let them come to you. And try to resist responding negatively to the inevitable criticism that you will get for changing your habits.

Realize that it may be threatening for others around you. Try and understand where they are coming from, and try and show them that you understand them. Fully understanding another can quickly disarm the most negative person.

Is The Three Bite Rule Right For You?

There are some caveats to the three bite rule. If you are someone who is really struggling with sugar addiction the three bite rule might not work as well for you. You might be the kind of person who has to go cold turkey, at least for a short amount of time.

If you are in this bucket where you just cannot eat three bites of dessert, you’d be very well advised to learn how to do a cleanse. When PEERtrainer says “cleanse” we don’t mean a juice fast or something where you feel like crap. Our cleanse approach focuses first and foremost on removing certain foods from your diet as an experiment.

Read that article on how to do a cleanse that we linked to. If you are reading this article as part of the PEERtrainer Tip of The Day program, know that we are careful about how much to throw at you at once. But the stuff we do point you to is the real deal. Be very open to the ideas that we present when we talk about cleansing and detoxing. It can be a big difference maker.

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