Top 10 Causes Of Female Hair Loss: And What You CAN Do About It

by Jackie Wicks
Summer Field

Common Questions

is hair loss reversable

1) Is hair loss reversible?

Generally, yes. It is extremely rare for women to lose hair and not be able to grow it back. If treated early, the process can generally be slowed substantially or reversed.

2) Are grey and facial hair reversible?

When it comes to grey hair, there’s a few different factors: stress, heredity, and thyroid function all play a role in the amount and time that you acquire grey or facial hair. If a young woman is having grey hairs before age 40, it may indicate low vitamin b12 or stress. However, this is also genetic. Facial hair growth could be related to polycystic ovarian syndrome or menopause caused by an imbalance of hormones. There are natural remedies for both of these, so check your health food store!

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