Top 10 Causes Of Female Hair Loss: And What You CAN Do About It

by Jackie Wicks
Summer Field

1. The Most Common Cause Of Female Hair Loss: Deficient in Iron

90% of hair loss is caused by iron deficiency90 % of women with hair loss have low iron stores, and is thus the first issue to address if you have lair loss issues.

In one study, 23% of Pre-menopausal women with extreme hair loss were found to have depleted iron stores (a Ferritan level of less than 15 micrograms/liter), and 57% had low iron stores (a Ferritan level between 15 and 40 micrograms/liter). In the same study, 52% of post-menopausal women had thinning or excessive hair loss.

However, there is another component to iron deficiency which may cause these problems…

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