Top 10 Causes Of Female Hair Loss: And What You CAN Do About It

by Jackie Wicks
Summer Field

6. Poor Nutrition

kale contains more iron than meat

Many people on special diets find it difficult to fill the gaps in their nutrition. Vegans, especially, are notorious for having low B-vitamins. However, this can easily be fixed by adding supplements to your diet. A tip for vegans and vegetarians: kale has more iron per ounce than red meat!

For some people, the problem may lie with a combination of the things previously mentioned. Remember that it took decades to get your health in the place it is now. If you are losing more hair than you are comfortable with, there are a TON of things you can do. But give yourself

The Cheat System Diet is an ideal plan to begin to make your eating work FOR you, rather than AGAINST you. As you begin to focus on your EATS, your micronutrient stores will begin to increase. This will help balance your hormones and at least help to stop the process of losing hair.

After about 6 months really focusing on your EATS and really working the plan each day, you’ll
probably find yourself feeling better. And you may find yourself looking better as well. Especially if you start to develop some good detox habits, which simply means reducing toxins in and maximizing toxins out.

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