14 Top Reasons Women Don’t Want To Have Sex (And 20 Things To Do About It!)

by Jackie Wicks

13. Your Hormones Are Out of Whack

Shower Gel Shampoo BottlesIn our everyday life we can be exposed to chemicals that mess up our hormones. There are many chemicals in our everyday environment like parabens and BPA that act like hormones, particularly estrogen. These chemicals can be found in household items like parabens in shampoo, conditioner and body lotion or BPA in canned goods.

Too much estrogen relative to progesterone, also known as estrogen dominance can wreak havoc with your sex life. Too much estrogen can also lead to weight gain, bloating, excessive, irregular periods and serious irritability – doesn’t sound too sexy! Additionally progesterone, the hormone that balances estrogen, tends to go down with age and with stress. The higher estrogen and lower progesterone can create make women feel moody, fat and exhausted with sex as the last thing on their mind.

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