14 Top Reasons Women Don’t Want To Have Sex (And 20 Things To Do About It!)

by Jackie Wicks

16. Stifle the Self Criticism.

Baby looking at self in mirrorYour negative self talk does you no favors in the sex department (or any other area, as a matter of fact!). When you look in the mirror, do you only see what you don’t like and wish were different? Do you catch yourself throughout the day saying things like “I’m such an idiot!”—because after a while, you’re going to believe it. I’m not saying you have to magically love everything about your body or yourself or pretend you do. But what you can do is notice the beautiful parts, the things that you do love. You can practice a little more self compassion, and be at least as forgiving as you would be with a friend. That’s a start. No one ever bullied themselves into a better sex life.

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