These Make It Easier To Gain Weight and Harder To Lose

by Jackie Wicks

I asked Brian Rigby yesterday to explain to me the linkage
between lower levels of toxicity– and weight. We have been
sharing his article that explains how different minerals,
amino acids and botanicals work to remove toxins from the body.

I wanted to know, ok what happens next. Why is it important
that we reduce the toxic load in the body?  Here is what he
wrote back:

“It’s important to realize that not all toxins act upon our body in the same way.
Just as different toxins require slightly different methods to be neutralized,
there is no single way that any toxin causes or contributes to weight gain. Rather,
toxins can subtly influence weight, making it easier to gain weight or more
challenging to lose weight

Consider that if overexposure to toxins causes a depletion in your stores of
glutathione, then those stores aren’t available for the other useful purposes
they serve in the body, such as in muscle contraction. Over time, your
body can enter a state of chronic fatigue, making it difficult if not impossible
to make the healthy decisions necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

Toxicity can influence you in a number of ways, but keep in mind that toxicity
is NOT a normal state for the human body, and any state of disease can
increase the susceptibility of the individual to further disease.

By helping the body restore its toxicity fighters, you actively help the body
fight not just the diseased state you may already be in, but the diseased
states you have become susceptible to!”

I thought this was helpful and interesting, I hope you
do as well!



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