The “Unfortunate Truth” About Protein Powder

by Jackie Wicks

Protein shakes have become one of the SINGLE easiest ways to get a good, high quality, satiating breakfast (or any meal) that tastes great and keeps you full. There are so many options of protein powder in the market – whey, pea/rice, soy. The list is almost endless.

But the unfortunate truth is it’s hard to find a protein powder actually worth buying. Most of them have fillers, additives, and a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Recently, I looked at one of the most popular protein shakes on the market and the top 3 ingredients were all sugar by different names!

You’ve got to be really picky when it comes to choosing the right protein powder. Thankfully, you can be–this is your meal, and even the best protein powders will cost less per meal than a latte at Starbucks. Plus, a protein shake will actually fill you up!

There are many things to consider when looking at protein powders:

  1. Quality-control can vary considerably from company to company, so even if the same base protein is used (pea/rice, whey, soy, etc.), the end result may differ substantially.
  2. Some brands use various ploys to distract or confuse you. A common tactic is to list benefits which are inherent to all proteins, regardless of type, quality, or processing, such as “includes vital amino acids!” Since all proteins are formed of amino acids, this is universally true.
  3. Some companies use cheaper proteins which sound healthy but have an unproven track record.


In this article, we’ll lay out the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the best protein powder. That way you, the consumer, can find the ideal protein for yourself, regardless of what options are available!

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