The “Unfortunate Truth” About Protein Powder

by Jackie Wicks

Aim for High BCAA Content

Not all proteins are equal in terms of BCAAs. Two different rice proteins, processed in two different ways, can result in two very different total BCAA contents.

Since serving sizes for protein can vary wildly (anywhere from 12 grams per serving to 30 or more grams), it’s not possible to give an exact amount of BCAAs in grams that you should get in every serving. Instead, the easiest way is to calculate the percentage of BCAAs in a product. By adding together the amounts of the three BCAAs (isoleucine, leucine, and valine) and dividing by the total protein in a serving, you can estimate what percentage of the protein is BCAAs.

Ideally, at least 18% should be BCAAs, and preferably 20+%! A quick look at the protein powders filling the shelves at most grocery and health food stores will show that most of them have barely 17%, and aren’t worth your time or money. Thorne’s Chocolate Vegalite, on the other hand, has a whopping 20.5%! In each serving, you get 4.3 grams of the ultra-important BCAAs!

For most intents and purposes, protein is considered a food item in the United States. The one big downside to this is that this means protein powders have far less stringent regulation even than most supplements. A nutritional label is basically the only requirement–amino acid content isn’t required to be listed, and it can be terrifically challenging to find the ‘right’ protein.

Thorne’s Vegalite isn’t the only great protein powder out there, but it is the one that we know has been thoroughly tested, is of the highest quality, and most importantly is effective. There’s no gambling with Thorne; you know that anything you receive from them is quality-tested and approved. Thorne’s Vegalite is also one of the simplest to buy because we’ve done the important research for you. We’ve broken down the important information for you!

If there’s one important point to get from all this, it’s that with protein, most of the claims you read on the label are just noise. Stick with the tested proteins, make sure you’re getting plenty of BCAAs, and you’ll go far in finding a good protein. If you find the companies you can trust, like Thorne, then you can rest assured they’ve taken care of those important points for you.

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